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14 days of self-love workbook & Course

14 days of self-love workbook & Course

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We are very excited to be able to launch our first very first online course with you. 

Welcome to the 14 days of self-love workbook & Course 

What you get

You will get 14 short yet powerful text based lessons delivered by our partner Thinkific and an accompanying 38 page Self-Love workbook for you to download an use along side the course.  

How this could help you from feedback

  • Raise your self worth fast
  • Overcome low self-esteem 
  • It will make you feel brave and confident to pursue your life's biggest goals and dreams
  • Feel great in your own skin Reduce insecure feelings 
  • Feel empowered to take charge of your life
  • The accompanying guide is beautifully presented
  • The course is expertly written 

Please take your time to complete the course - we recommend you do the tasks involved over 14 days for maximum benefit.

By doing this, it could help you make the new found habits you should learn by completing the course become nature and first nature for your everyday life. 

Once purchased you will get everything you need to take part in this fabulous and very special course.