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Our website contains aromatic products inspired by nature. Where we can we use natural ingredients. We use essential oils and high quality perfume oils. These are all sourced from sustainable sources. 

Our packaging is environmentally friendly, staying away from plastic and using recyclable, biodegradable materials instead. Lots of research has been involved in making sure this is the case. 

Our soap bars are 98.54% certified organic, and come in recycled carboard boxes. We do not wrap them in any form of plastic. They contain no petroleum based dyes. 

Our candles contain 100% soya or rapeseed oils. This means they are environmentally friendly and kinder to the environment. These are used world-wide, mainly in food cosmetics and more so recently as a Bio-fuel, a petroleum alternative.  

We have always taken steps to avoid adding to the worlds problems and try to reduce them, therefore enabling us to provide a guilt free ethical product. 

Sustainable Palm Oil  

The sustainable palm oil we use is from West Malaysia only and is traceable. Officials ensure us that the crops they process are not dervied from an area associated with deforestaion. Our UK material supplier is a participant on a board created by the United Nations ""  in conjunction with WWF also a founder member of the "roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil". Both promote best practice and ethics in sourcing and producing Palm Oil.