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About Us

In 2020 founder Samantha launched Galaxy Relax In 2020 founder Samantha launched Galaxy Relax after suffering from poor mental health for a number of years and finally working her way through it. She is passionate to try to change peoples every day struggles to make time to truly care for themselves as much as they care for others - if not more!!  
Sam galaxyrelax owner

After suffering for years with poor mental health, namely depression and anxiety and finally being able to control these thoughts and feelings without the need for medication, self care and self love is something that really helps.

Being an extremely busy mum to three gorgeous but boisterous boys, there is very little time, as you can imagine to find time to just be me... those few stolen moments in the bath is pure bliss!

One of life's simple pleasures, we think, is receiving a gorgeous box of self care products, wrapped and packed beautifully with lots of care and attention. The act of opening such box with its thick cardboard lid and carefully parting the tissue paper to discover the what's in the box is just magical. It feels like Christmas time as a child but this time the self care package is just for you. 

Every single product inside is hand crafted and will help evoke feelings of calm and peace, after all good things happen when you treat yourself well. 

Also on here you will find some beautiful and expertly written guides and tools to help you come through the other side of depression and anxiety. We love sharing our knowledge and helping other likeminded people. 

Please join our community to receive the latest news and blogs, exclusive offers and product launches. 

If you want to start looking after YOU and indulge in some self care - you're in the right place and we are so happy you found us. 

Samantha x