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Tips to pick yourself up when you’re feeling run down

The tell-tale signs of being run down are often short temper, tiredness, tearfulness and feeling unwell. When you are busy, have a lot on your mind or start to overdo things, you may notice these signs, but Galaxy Relax has put together a few ways to help you feel better before you become overwhelmed or get poorly.

 Boost your immune system naturally.

When you overdo things, your body will become tired and your immune system will start to weaken, making you susceptible to ailments and illness. Foods that are known for boosting your immune system include blueberries, dark chocolate, oily fish, and broccoli. Also, green tea, lemon and garlic are known to have beneficial properties for your immune system. Indulging in sugar-filled treats can be tempting but could leave you feeling rubbish later.  Lots of vitamin D is important too, so make the most of sunny days by sitting out in the garden or going out for a walk. However, don’t forget to wear sun protection and stay hydrated.

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Being isolated can exasperate the feelings of being run down. Meeting with friends often ends with laughter, right? Laughter releases endorphins which are natural chemicals within the body that increase the sense of well-being and stress reduction. Increasing the feelings of well-being and reducing stress, anxiety and anger will help you to feel less run down. If you cant meet face to face just take some time to call a friend or loved one and catch up. Life can get so busy that we miss the opportunity to connect with people and take a much-needed break from work and stress. The lack of time for ourselves to socialise or just have a break is often a key part of what causes us to become run down in the first place.

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Share the load

If you are carrying the workload or mental load of everyone around you, it could be time to ask for some help. Maybe you are fed up of cooking every night, so why not get a takeaway and have a night off. Perhaps you are struggling to keep on top of housework and your career so get your family involved by delegating some chores. While you are feeling run down it is important to make your life as easy as you can where possible so if that means asking for help, or just not putting such great expectations upon yourself, it could help you feel much less burdened.


If you have a busy lifestyle you may often feel there is never enough time, or that you always have something you need to be doing. This can be overwhelming and can make tasks seem harder than they need to be. Try planning as much as possible. Whether it is planning your family meals or planning your workload, a to-do list and schedule can help you feel organised and in control. This will reduce anxiety and stress that can make you feel run down.

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At the end of each day try to make time to rest. Let your body and mind wind-down from the day. A warm essential oil-infused bath can help soak away stress. Or even just sit quietly and read a few pages of a book or magazine to ‘Zone-Out’ from the day. By allowing yourself some time to relax, you allow yourself to rejuvenate and repair. You can reduce tension in your muscles and your mind can unwind ready for a good nights’ sleep.

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We hope our tips have you feeling on top of the world in no time, however, you should always seek professional medical advice if you are concerned about your feelings or your health.

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