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I was introduced to “hygge” back in 2018 and have tried to adopt this way of life ever since... If you didn’t know, it’s a Danish word for mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.
My absolute favourite time of the year is autumn and winter. Whenever anyone asked me why – I found it hard to explain. But when I discovered the term Hygge I finally knew the reason why!



Autumn and Winter gives me so many “Hygge” feelings. Honestly, its cosy blankets, film nights, romantic candle light, bowls of soup with crusty bread, the sound of the rain and wind outside, crisp leaves and orange tones when you go walking, brand new Christmas wrapping paper – do you get what I mean? Who wouldn’t love these things?  

What about summer? Can you Hygge during the summer months?

With summer coming very quickly, Hygge fans might feel a bit down and longing for those autumn winter nights to return. Your favourite blanket is packed away and it’s way too hot for warm baths, fluffy socks, full pyjamas and hot chocolates. Fear not - Hygge isn’t just seasonal thing, it’s actually a way of life. Each season has something unique and special to offer.

Below I have given you my favourite ways to Hygge during the summer months… I bet you already do some of these.

  1. Go for a stroll - feel the warm sunshine on your skin, take time to smell the flowers and take in the fresh air. It will put a smile on your face. 
  1. Get out in your garden - cut the grass, plant some seeds, decorate with fairy lights & candles, enjoy quiet time on your own private land. 
  1. Eat outdoors - Organise a family picnic or have breakfast in the garden. Take a few sarnies on your walk and stop to eat whist you watch the world go by. 
  1. Flowers – My boys often pick daises and buttercups and present me with them. I always pop them in an egg cup when I’m home. 
  1. Make time for you - summer is such a cheerful time of the year so no doubt you will be out more. Prepare your body for the season's abundance by taking the time to look after your skin. Cleanse and tone and wash away the pollution in the air. 
  1. Summer candles - look for some light, fresh, summery scents like Fresh Mango or Warm Vanilla and enjoy summer nights outdoors by the candlelight. 
  1. Eat fresh - summer is a great time to eat locally grown produce. Make salads, create fresh fruit platters and try to eat seasonal if you can. I love a summer BBQ and fresh salad! 
  1. Watch the sunset in your back garden or get the telescope out and stargaze. 
  1. Treat yourself to a massage or facial. Don’t be afraid to go bare skin! 
  1. Take lots of pictures of your family and friends and during the winter months you can make a scrapbook of all the wonderful memories. 
Eventually when the blackberries are appearing on the bushes and the leaves turn back to those orange and gold tones, you will know that autumn is just around the corner and we will yet again be able to take out our favourite blanket and curl on the sofa with hot chocolate.
Until then - enjoy summer and everything it has to offer


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