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Meditation Tips

Meditation is easiest when it becomes a habit to the mind and having a ritual or routine is key to helping you achieve this state. 

Set the scene

Following the same process every time before you meditate will become your ritual. For instance:

  • Do you play the same piece of meditative music whilst you sit quietly?
  • Do you light a candle, have a warm bath or shower?
  • Do you use the same essential oils in your diffuser? 
  • Do you drink a soothing tea?
By using the same ritual before you sit down to meditate can help turn meditation into a mindful habit.

Have a schedule

Meditation for the mind is like exercising a muscle, you need to do it daily and just as you might exercise at the same time, your mind becomes more accepting when you meditate at the same time every day. Some like to meditate in the morning before the world has woken up and its still peaceful. Others like to before bedtime so that they continue the meditative state of mind whilst they sleep. 

Be comfortable 

You don't have to sit cross legged to meditate, just make sure that you are comfortable and upright so that the mind can relax but not so comfortable that you snooze! 

Galaxyrelax meditation

Let it go...

I have found that meditation isn't about trying to empty your mind but letting things go as they float in and out of your consciousness, trying not to fight your thoughts. If you find you are fixating on a certain things bring your thoughts consciously back to the centre an let it go. Some say they often have their best ideas or solve the trickiest of problems when they meditate because the mind is free so the solution arrives. Some people find it helpful to have a pen and paper so if something comes up that cant be forgotten you can write it down. 

Build up slowly

Meditation isn't competitive so be kind to yourself. If you only do 5 minutes that fine but see if you can do 10 next time. Its also for the long haul, previous habits that have become imbedded take time to be replaced with new ones so don't expect to see results instantly. 

Join an online group or download an app

If you cant motivate yourself to meditate alone why not find an online group - meditation classes are often free or accept a donation. Many people find an app useful. I like to use the app called Headspace - they have some fantastic sleep casts on there which help you drift off to sleep. 

Galaxy relax headspace

Find your zen

If you simply dont get on with meditation find something that helps you create a medititive state of mind. 

  • Gardening
  • walking
  • painting
  • yoga

Try meditating after you've relaxed and you may find it easier. 

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