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A Discovery

GALAXY RELAX TOWELSWhen you fall in love you know... That's what everyone says don’t they? This all started during a visit to a posh Spa with my sister.

Aqua Sana - amazing! 


Galaxy relax spa AQUA SANA

I was looking forward to a most perfect facial and being pampered - something a busy mum of three doesn’t get that often. 

Once wrapping that fluffy white towel around myself and laying on the therapists bed, she looked down and suggested that my face was a “bit congested”

Needless to say I was mortified and wanted the surrounding towels to fall down on top of me so I could hide! 


Galaxy relax towels

A facial should be a relaxing experience- which it was, but I just couldn’t relax whilst she was touching my “congested” face! 

Once it was all over I made it my mission in life to find the right skincare products for me - something of a high quality and with a luxurious feel, but not too expensive. 

And BANG there it was.... Neal's Yard Remedies. I adore their creams and lotions so much - and their whole business ethics. 

Products are pure luxurious yet affordable. This is what I’m aiming for with Galaxy Relax so watch this space 

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